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 Undoubtedly Grand Cayman is famed for its population of southern stingrays at Stingray City, and the chance to interact with them. In fact there are 2 Stingray Cities, Stingray City Sandbar and Stingray City Deep. Both are situated in the Wildlife Interaction Zone, North Sound (separated by 4kms+/-) and allow interaction with southern stingrays. The stingrays are completely harmless and used to human interaction. This dates back to the last century when fishermen gutted their fish on the sandbank thus attracting the southern stingrays. The stingrays were then fed as an attraction to visitors, a practice that still exists today.Scuba Dive Grand Cayman with Cayman Dive Shuttle and snorkel Stingray City, Grand Cayman.

We launch from Morgan’s harbour dock (see and take a max capacity of 12 snorkelers, 1 boat skipper, and 1 guide. Our trip is 2.5 hours and we usually go in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the cruise ship crowds. The snorkel trip is always guided and our photographer can go with you to capture some of the moments (see Gallery / Photography page).

Stingray City Sandbar

We moor the boat off in slightly deeper water (3 - 4ft) and then wade to the shallowest part of the sandbar that comes up to 2.5ft (waist height) and wait for the stingrays to visit us. They are inquisitive, some more than others, and will rub against you. Our guide will then show you how to handle the stingrays if you so wish, give you an insight as to their habits, the difference between males and females, and the use of their defence mechanisms. Sometimes there can be 20+ southern stingrays at your feet. After, it’s back to the boat and then on to a snorkeling site to see the coral reef and all its inhabitants.
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Stingray City Deep

Stingray City deep sits in 14ft of water and is suitable for snorkelers and divers (see Diving page) alike. We moor the boat on 1 of the fixed moorings and then enter the water with mask, fins, and snorkel. Our guide will then go down to attract the stingrays whilst you snorkel above and/or free dive down. Occasionally we’ll coax the stingrays to the surface for you to handle. This deeper site also has plenty of other fish ie.snapper, barracuda, angel and surgeon fish, sergeant majors, and an inquisitive green moray we call “Nuisance” (because he craves attention). We then take you on a snorkel tour to see the coral bommies and the inner reef wall. If you are lucky you may even spot turtle, eagle ray, and the harmless nurse shark.
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Snorkeling West Bay

With the introduction of the USS Kittiwake to West Bay, this is another snorkeling highlight on Grand Cayman. Usually a 2 hour trip launching from 7 Mile beach or West bay dock, we also visit the sites of Cemetery reef and Chain reef to look at the coral formations and all its inhabitants. Often we see schools of snapper, grunts, and big eye jacks, barracuda, southern stingrays in the sand, and the possibility of turtle and harmless nurse shark in amongst the reef.
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Snorkeling : General

Snorkeling in Grand Cayman is safe. There are no threats underwater to snorkelers and the surface conditions are flat or with a slight long swell. Visibility is excellent, snorkelers being able to see the bottom clearly. All our snorkeling trips are guided and we can provide floatation jackets and buoyancy aids for those that wish to use them. If we feel that conditions are not appropiate then we’ll say so, and we cater for all levels of confidence in the water.
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