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 Scuba diving in Grand Cayman offers great visibility with little or no current all year round. The shallower inshore reefs and the deeper outer wall are suitable for all levels of diving experience, and these conditions are ideal for diver training. We keep our student to instructor ratios small (1:1, maximum 5:1) and specialise in families and small groups. Our courses are conducted by current PADI instructors and all necessary manuals and equipment relevant to each course are included in the cost. We firmly believe that knowledge development reinforced by practical application is the key to understanding and enjoying scuba diving.

All our courses from Discover Scuba up to Dive Master and Specialities are through the PADI system and as such are laid out according to standards set by PADI. We provide diver education from beginner up to Master Scuba diver level (non-professional) and/or Dive Master (start of professional status). From the ages of 10 to 14 years old, divers will have PADI junior certification and be qualified to dive to a max depth of 70ft. Knowledge development can be gained through independent study directly from PADI using eLearning®  (go to Cayman Diveshuttle Ltd), so students can arrive to do just the practical applications , or on site with us. We also accept PADI referrals from your local dive centre (see sidebar for recommended dive centres).

Please find below a brief outline of the courses we offer, including a course overview and usual time frame (for a full outline and info on courses and eLearning® go to and then to courses).              special offers star

Discover Scuba : 0.5 day

Experience Scuba in the confines of our private pool with Instructor.

Discover Scuba Diving : 0.75 – 1 day

As above, and 1 x Open Water sea dive from shore to a max depth of 40ft with Instructor.
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Scuba Diver : 2 – 3 days                                                            

3 x knowledge development, 3 x pool training, and 2 x Open Water sea dives from shore to max a depth of 40ft with Instructor. Certified to dive to a max depth of 40ft under supervision of a Dive Master and / or Instructor. This is the 1st half of the PADI Open Water course.
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Open Water Course : 3 – 4 days

5 x knowledge development, 5 x pool training, an exam, 2 x Open Water sea dives to a max depth of 40ft from shore, 2 x Open Water sea dives to a max depth of 60ft from boat, with Instructor. The PADI Open Water certification is recognised worldwide as to having achieved competence in the basics of scuba diving, diving to a maximum depth of 60ft, and is the platform for furthering your dive education.
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Scuba Review : 1 day

Knowledge refreshment, 1 x pool / confined water, 1 x dive (max depth 60ft). Refresh the skills you learned in the Open Water Course and then go for a dive. We usually encourage people to do a Scuba review after 6 – 12 months out of the water to get their confidence back and familiarise themselves again with the equipment, mask clearing, and low / out of air procedures before going on a dive.
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Adventure dives : 1 dive

1 x knowledge development, 1 x dive. Your next step in diver education. Select a module from the PADI Advanced Open Water manual and use it as a credit towards Advanced Open Water and/or Speciality certification. We offer deep, wreck, night, navigation, enriched air/nitrox (see Enriched Air / Nitrox page), fish ID, u/w photography, u/w naturalist, and peak performance buoyancy.
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Adventure diver : 1 – 2 days

3 x knowledge development, 3 x dives. Expand your knowledge towards Advanced Open Water and / or Speciality certification by learning new techniques that prepare you for the vast amount of scuba diving experiences available to divers. From the Adventure / Speciality diver options available we offer deep, wreck, night, navigation, enriched air / nitrox (see Enriched Air / Nitrox page), multi level, fish ID, drift, u/w photography, u/w naturalist, and peak performance buoyancy dives. These count as credits towards Advanced Open Water and / or Speciality qualification.
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Advanced Open Water Course : 2 – 3 days

5 x knowledge development, 5 x dives (unless following on from Adventures in diving). Advanced Open Water certification is an introduction to various types of scuba diving that you will encounter and / or may have an interest in. For Advanced Open Water certification, compulsory dives are deep and navigation and a further 3 dives from any of the adventure dive modules listed in the PADI Advanced Open Water manual. Currently we offer wreck, night, enriched air / nitrox (see Enriched Air / Nitrox page), multi level, fish ID, drift, u/w photography, u/w naturalist, and peak performance buoyancy. Each module selected also counts as 1 dive towards the specific Speciality course (see Speciality courses). All dives are under the supervision of a current PADI Instructor.
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Emergency First Response Course : 1 – 2 days

A non diving specific course but a pre-requisite to the Rescue Diver course. Teaching you basic first aid and life support. From dressing wounds, dealing with shock, to administering life supporting CPR, this course gives you the knowledge and confidence to recognise and help deal with situations on land and sea before professional medical teams arrive, and to provide the right information once they take over.
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Rescue Diver Course : 3 – 4 days

5 x knowledge development, 10 x pool / confined water training, 4 x Open Water Rescue scenarios, an exam. Your start to looking at diving more seriously, or as PADI describes it “serious fun”. First, you’ll learn how to help yourself, a good insight into self awareness under water, after all, you cannot help others if you cannot help yourself. Then, in the unlikely event of any other scuba diving emergency, this course prepares you for it. The course helps you to recognise problems early that other divers may be experiencing which can quite often stop a more serious problem occurring. From stressed diver on the surface, to panicked diver underwater, you’ll be taught how to recognise and deal with these situations. You’ll also be taught how to bring an unconscious scuba diver to the surface, provide CPR to that diver in water, and how to get the diver out of the water through surf and/or onto a boat and continue life support until the medical professionals arrive. Finally, you’ll be asked to manage and complete a rescue scenario from start to finish under the supervision of your Instructor. The course is both challenging and rewarding.
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Speciality Courses :  2 – 4 days (varies for each course)

Knowledge development, Speciality scuba dives. Further your knowledge and become a master of the choices you made in the Advanced Open Water Course, or master new Specialities under the guidance of our Speciality Instructors. We currently offer deep, enriched air / nitrox (see Enriched Air / Nitrox page), wreck, u/w photography, fish ID, drift, navigation, peak performance buoyancy, and night. Imagine a deep, drift, multi level dive, using enriched air / nitrox, navigating from a wall to a wreck, whilst taking photographs, possibly at night. This type of dive is what Specialities will train you for.
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Master Scuba Diver : On completion of all courses

Complete Rescue Diver and 5 Specialities to become a Master Scuba Diver, PADI’s highest non professional recreational diver rating.
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Dive Master : 2 weeks – 3 months (internship)

The first step on PADI’s professional ladder.  Practically, the course prepares you for dive set up, briefing of scuba divers, guiding and taking responsibility for divers, assisting Instructors with courses, mapping of dive sites, rescue scenarios, and also gives a good insight as to what it takes to work in a professional dive centre. Knowledge development goes a lot further into dive theory, ie. dive physics, dive physiology, decompression theory, equipment, etc., all of which are followed by an exam. Theory helps you to problem solve more quickly and efficiently by having the necessary knowledge. Other development is for diver fitness and for coping with stress underwater. The course is performance based, the more you put in, the more you get out, and the quicker the course will run. Like the Rescue Diver course, it is challenging, demanding and rewarding. Upon completion you will be a certified Dive Master, the first step in PADI Professional status.
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Courses / Diver education for Children 10 – 15 years old

 Children can participate in PADI courses from the age of 10 years old.  The standards stipulate that from the ages of 10 to 11 years old, Open Water qualification is to a maximum depth of 40ft, 12 to 14 years old Open Water qualification is to a max depth of 60ft, and Advanced Open Water qualification to 70ft. Other courses available are Rescue Diver and most of the Specialities (not including Deep, Enriched air/Nitrox, Ice, Wreck, Cavern). Divers will have PADI Junior certification until they reach 15 years old. After 15 years old, junior divers are considered as adults. The only courses that stipulate 18 years old and over are Ice and Cavern Speciality courses, Dive Master course, and Instructor courses.
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